中 空弥心

Getty Images exclusive photographer based in Kyoto, Japan


From Osaka, Japan

James Cook University. Australia

The way I am...

I had a very difficult childhood. I had too much domestic viorence from whole family, no one helped me. My father beat me up for not to be able to write letters in Chinese caracter at age of 3. He tried to kill me 3 times by the age of 9, the same way he killed 9 street cats. He killed my dogs. He hanged me upside down with holding my legs and kicked my head. He wiped my face with used toilet paper. He forced me to study next to him while he was smoking and watching baseball game on TV untill 4 am. My mother was never there for me. She was pritending not to seeing what happening and run away to her boyfriend, came back with sexual disease. What ever happens, she goes back to her parents and complaining about me. I had no where to go. I had no one helped me. 


My very sad childhood made me very strong and very sinsitive both to/from many thing. I feel a lot that others don't. I use this sensibility for my photograph. I believe without this sensibility, I will not able to find the beauty in people and things in the world. I take this as my competitive advantage. 


My biggest award winning Sydney picture has a long story. Probably without this childhood, I would not have taken it. 


I had a very bad car accident when I was 20. It happened in front of a hospital, driver of the car was a doctor. My face very badly injoured, lost parts... More over, it was the Christmas Eve. I had many operations in Japan but all failed. I lost trust in doctors in Japan. I went to Sydney, Australia to study and look for a better doctor. I found one and after 6 years suffering and many operations, I got my face back. Therefore, I go back to Australia for yearly check up.


I took this picture when I went back to Sydney for check up and see my old friend, Diego from Brazil. Reunion after 8 years.


After meeting Diego, I went to shoot sunset. It was nothing special. I went back to my accommodation and met new friend, Filippe from France. He has passion in photography. So, we went to the sopt again the next day. When I got to the special spot, I found my tripod was broken! But I managed to use it still!!

I came back to Japan. One of my good friend, Oga, told me about Lonely Planet competion.


After some months, I found I won the competition.


Without my bad childhood, the car accident, my friends, I wouldn't have won the competition. I wouldn't be stanind here today.


I thank my friends a lot for giving me a big support.


Every Photo has a Story. 

Everything happens for reason.  




色々写真コンテストに参加しましたが、一番大きいものはLonely Planetのコンテストに入賞した事でした。この最悪な子供時代無しではあの写真は撮れなかったと思っています。




Lonely Planet

Capture the City Photo Competition 2012
*Sydney Winner

*The top 10 Finalist